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Merino knit Ltd is a clothing trading company established in 1965. Our business is based in the capital of a small island called Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea.


Owned by the Papageorgiou family, Merinoknit Ltd started as a knitwear manufacturer, and grew through the years to its current clothing trading company status. Its imports include but are not limited to men’s and ladies’ knitwear, T-shirts, Bermuda shorts, men’s and ladies’ shirts, socks, towels, trousers and suits.


Having established strong global contacts, (China, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece) the company can provide almost anything within the clothing industry at a client’s desire.


About Us

Merinoknit’s main line is still based around its production unit. 10G knitwear at any raw material with minimum quantities of 200 pieces per style can be designed in-house and delivered to the client in record speeds. Its two main collections are prepared months before they hit the shelf; November for the upcoming summer and our younger lines are always prepared before February


One of our strong suits is the range of schoolwear that satisfies the needs of Primary and Secondary Schools, Private Schools, Institutions and Colleges.


The design and sales team of the company visit exhibitions throughout the year. Our bi-annual meeting as a company include the following exhibitions:

  1. The “Mens Fashion Week” in Cologne

  2. The “International Moda Menswear & Moda UK NEC” in Brimingham.


Merinoknit Ltd. always keeps strict quality control standards, and delivery times at the forefront of its fundamental ideas

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